About Trust In Recruitment

AnyGood? is committed to making a difference to the recruitment industry. They commissioned research to lift the lid on the subject of trust and have opened up the debate with industry professionals, hiring managers and candidates.

AnyGood? chose to work with Explain the Market to ensure the research was independent, robust and provided unique insights. Following this they organised an open debate where key questions such as “What is the real reason for the low trust?”, “Who “owns” the problem?” and “Can you regulate the industry?” were asked. Research will be continuing into key areas highlighted by the debate, including discussions with trade bodies as well as subject matter and industry experts.

AnyGood? is a peer to peer recruitment platform where professionals recommend professionals for roles.

Through proactively curating the network, they’re able to share roles with professionals from diverse backgrounds, industries, geographies and those from underrepresented groups. This not only removes the need for a traditional intermediary, but also creates a level playing field, opening up new talent pools untapped by traditional methods of sourcing.

Just like rating an uber driver or airbnb host, clients rate the quality of each recommendation. They then simply pay a fixed fee if they find who they’re looking for and this is shared with the member.

AnyGood? are known for their commitment to diversity, ethical recruitment and a commitment to fairness and integrity.

Explain the Market is proud to be one of the most trusted and reliable thought leadership agencies. Our insights are regularly used to explain market developments across the world’s most prestigious media channels. Too often thought leadership can lack impact. Brands end up telling stories with data that lack rigour, vibrancy and reach. Explain the Market is different.

Explain the Market was founded by Guy Shone with an aim to provide expert research more in tune with a fast moving media savvy world.