Trust In Recruitment

Believe it or not, back in WWII when the recruitment industry first emerged it had an excellent reputation. As soldiers went to war, gaps appeared in the workplace and there was a need for an intermediary to help identify appropriate candidates. After the war, it was these same agencies who helped returning veterans.

Back to today and in terms of the model, very little has changed. What has changed is the reputation. We need to be honest about it. Recruitment has allowed itself to morph into an industry commonly considered as one of low trust.

A Drive For Change

AnyGood?’s mission is to bring fairness and integrity to the recruitment industry. In order to achieve our mission, we want to uncover and explain what really drives trust. Trust is the number one issue for recruitment. Perhaps it’s also it’s means of salvation. By understanding what drives trust, we will be able to provide insights into models to move both towards and away from.

Juliet Eccleston
Co-Founder & CEO – AnyGood?

Independent Research and Insights

There’s a point in any market where questions need to be asked when the level of trust is so low. Questions such as  “Do you trust algorithms to find candidates?”, “How much is a reasonable fee?” and of course “To what extent do you trust recruitment consultants?”. We’re working with AnyGood? to uncover the key insights which will enable real change.

Guy Shone
CEO – Explain The Market